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in the pacific life pac-10 tournament. because the ducks is being hammered by the california golden bears, 75-5 #. here's your pacific life game summary. oregon being outscored by 20. but cal is 12-0 this year. when they have shot better than 50%. >> don: we have seen this program before. when cal gets it going early and they're making shots, they're the best team in the league. what we're watching today i don't think anybody in the conference can beat them. >> steve: rebecca was talking about in pregame those seniors. the seniors have 63 of california's 75 points. armstead with the dribble. throws it wildly at the hoop. and it's amoke with the rebound. >> don: i don't think we're going to see randle again today or christopher for that matter. robertson's still in there. >> steve: reaching around was armstead. picks up the personal foul. here's our pacific life pac-10 tournament bracket. as ucla won 75-69 in the first game of the quarterfinals today. reeves nelson went for 19 and 10. >> don: in our earlier telecast, i think that is the matchup that ucla would want. they beat cal earlier in th
spielberg, and actor, tom hanks. they're behind a new tv series called "the pacific." they came to washington, today, to promote the drama and to honor veterans in person at the world war ii memorial. our brian todd was there. brian? >> reporter: wolf, a lot of buzz around this series, which kicks off this sunday. it was a screening tonight at the white house. we caught up with the filmmakers who came here to this memorial to pay tribute to the veterans who inspired this work. what tom hanks and steven spielberg say they're after is for you to feel the fear, physical discomfort, the true climate of war. with their new series "the pacific" on cnn's sister network hbo they believe they've captured it. >> it's just that the pacific war, by its very nature on being fought on islands, in jungles, was a much more inhospitable, you know, kind of, you know, real estate to fight and die on and the jungle was just as, you know, pernicious and all consuming as the enemy that we were fighting. so it was a much different warp. >> reporter: spielberg and hanks want viewers to get the under th
the pacific life pac-10 tournament title. they have i chance to do that tomorrow. 3:00 pacific, 6:00 eastern on cbs. will it be stanford or will it be washington? that's the question facing t the -- here in the second game on our semifinal coverage. miles, a good take on it so far? who's going to win this thing? >> i think washington is still the team to beat. i think they got the jitters out last fight. they'll be able to go up and down against stanford today and tomorrow night, if they win today, high-powered up and down game. >> the huskies have won five in a row over stanford. they have a lot of work to do to handle the huskies in our second semifinal match-up. when we return, l.a. scott will join us and talk to us about the nichetives. we're getting you ready for tibetwanfo gton ♪ ♪ 7 ♪ust out myw ♪ 7 ♪aminhat could bif i p ha♪ ♪ i brea♪ 7 ♪spread ms 7 and earno fl ♪ i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky ♪ ♪ angebrea ♪ ♪ wanl th breeze, sleep under a palm tree ♪ ♪ feel the rush of the ocean ♪ ♪ get on board a fast train, t ♪ ♪ brey ♪ut odar
games to start this pacific life pac-10 tournament. last night, overtime the game ucla and arizona was competitive pretty much the entire way. see if this one stays competitive. cal with a ten-point lead. we talk and it in the opening, how long will cal be able to go off of momentum from last night. how much do you want to stay and play tomorrow? >> steve: they're playing for their coach. lot of rumors about ernie kent. he has done a wonderful job at oregon. i have always loved the personal growth by his players. he has a personal improvement academics. they have been in the top academically of basketball players in the country. ernie kent cares not only about wins but his kids and where they move on to. >> don: you know it's not just lip service. every time we talk to him, it inevitably comes up, he's done a good job. >> steve: back in 2002, pac-10 coach of the year. they won their first conference title since 1945. winning 26 games and he has the most wins in oregon history. our pacific life tournament summary. as we take a look at the brackets. we told you ucla knocked off highe
be unbreakable >>> the pacific life pac-10 tournament excitement continues. number one seed cal takes on last night's winner, oregon, it's the drive to stay alive. on the victor can compete tomorrow. >>> we're back here nal round of the a good win for us. arizona has an outstanding team. i really like nic wise. they're very tough. it was a big win for us. hopefully, it gives us a chance to play for another day here. >> your philosophy on why the changing defenses in the second half really seemed to give arizona problems in the man and the zone. >> i think we have been playing too much zone and so we have gone back to playing more man in the last couple of games. we still usesed the zone in the second half. it was good for us in the second half. we gave up a lot of second shots in that zone, too. i thought that reeves nelson was a big key for us tonight. he didn't play in the last four games. i was concerned about his conditioning. obviously, roll, a senior. we needed them to play well to win. >> you have had issues with injuries pretty much all season long. you get reeves nelson back. you tou
moving works i've ever seen in my life. and "the pacific" is just going to be great. you know how we say a lot of times we got a great show? >> yes. >> but you know i don't really mean it. >> yeah. you're supposed to say it. >> three hours of stiffs lined up. dead bodies we have to crawl over, katcatapault. look at them. today, seriously, give me a pack of lucky strikes. i'm going to sit back and smoke for the next three hours and let the show run itself. >> call me a nerd, but i'm perhaps more excited about tom friedman than tom hanks. >> yeah, you're a nerd. >> i love tom hanks, but i'm just saying. >> mike barnicle, very excited having tom hanks here, because this is a guy that has evolved into something much bigger than he was when he was a huge movie star. >> america's greatest and most famous history teacher. >> who would have believed that? >> it's great what he does. have you ever taken a look at any high school history textbooks? >> oh, they suck. >> world war ii, covered in a page and a half. vietnam gets six paragraphs. tom hanks delivers history to a whole generation of peopl
this weekend. it is called "the pacific." as a leadup to the debut, hundreds of world war ii veterans visited their memorial yesterday. peggy fox was also there along with tom hanks and steven spielberg. >> i saw some of them with wet eyes and it made my eyes wet. what can i tell you? that's exact exactly how it felt. >> reporter: steven spielberg got emotional as he food stood in front of the memorial today. he and tom hanks who produced band of brothers about a company of paratroopers fighting in the european theater have come out with a series about the war in this pacific. his father and sunkle fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> the war ended in europe but not with subpoena and we were losing tens of thousands of boys, you know, every couple of months and it was just a war that was accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as july of 1945, nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer that this horrible death was going to go on. it was a huge big question mark. >> since the memorial was dedicated in 2004, the honor flight medic has been bringing vets to the memori
the pacific northwest and moving in by late sunday and monday. you could hear rumbles of thunder with this and the cooler air moves in and we'll get a mixing and temperatures are taking a hit next week. that means we'll stay warm until then and sunshine 74 degrees and overnight lows in the 40s and mainly clear and we'll see the temperatures back up to 72 degrees and sunny nice and warm. temperatures take a hit after sunday and we'll go up to 70 sunday and 64 monday and the rain stays until tuesday and clears out and 60 on wednesday and 52 is the mildest night, on sunday and spring springs tomorrow at 1:32 in the afternoon. >>> thank you, and thank you for watching wjz, maryland's news station. stay tuned to watch the first round of the ncaa championships. don't forget the terps tonight at 9:30 taking on the cougars of houston. you're looking live at the pier. many happy families there today. >> good luck in the ncaa >> good luck in the ncaa tournament, have a
. the pacific life pac-10 tournament. tonight, the quest begins. who will step up, meet the challenge and exceed their expectations? which team will rise together to spirit that is unbreakable? caption funding provided by fox sports net ♪ >>> the excitement begins. washington state, oregon, the winner stays alive. >> don: four days of action here at the pacific life pac-10 tournament and an it all starts tonight. the iet and nine game between the oregon ducks and washington state cougars. the ducks swept the season series against washington state. can they make it three in a row and advance to the second round? welcome inside staples center. there's the trophy that all the teams are playing for here at the pacific life pac-10 tournament. i'm michael lee. miles simon, miles, the season was one of the more competitive we've seen and we think the tournament will be the same way? >> absolutely. there's a lot on the line for the teams. high stakes. seeding just getting into the ncaa tournament, a lot of action will be packed into these four days. >> let's talk about the four days and the matchups.
to the champion of the pacific life pac-10 tournament. tonight, four teams begin their quest. who will step up, meet the challenge and exceed their expectations? which teams will rise together and show the spirit that is unbreakable? >>> the pacific life pac-10 tournament excitement continues. arizona state takes on stanford in the first game of our special doubleheader. it's the drive to stay alive. >>> welcome back to the pacific life pac-10 tournament. two games already in the books. we've got two to more starting with stand for abbott is valuable to the sun devils, consider this. e first- selection. when he scored doubl going to take the floor. >> two more games tonight. the cal bears with a very impressive played outstanding. he will play ucla tomorrow night at what we have coming up next, stanford versus arizona state followed by oregon state and washington. both teams trying to make a stronger case for getting a better cd in the ncaa tournament. >> absolutely. both teams are trying to get in. they need to get to that semifinal matchup. the way things are playing out across the country,
, the new series called the pacific. the film is based ton true experiences of three u.s. marines during the world war r and hank said it was fitting the premier should take care of john f. kennedy because of the late presidents involvement in the pacific. it will day bay on march 14th. >> the count down is on for oscars and one block the in front of the kodak center has been closed down now. the red carpet is town, the grand stand is up so is the just in case it rains. there are are ten nominees for best picture instead of the usual five. catch the oscars sunday right here. >> i will tell you about matthew, a teacher, he was born without hands or feet. and desnit he teaches art to third graders and he also has a great sense of humor. >> some kids have known me for two years, and they still ask me what happened to your hands. i say i left them at home. i didn't need them today. >> changing opinions of those around him on what it means to be different. you know what? that's okay for him. as a single father of it would have. it has been his goal to inspire the kids in his life at home and
. >> the pacific is now coming out where it represents a war that was of racism and terror. and what it seemed as though the only way to complete one of these battles in these small specks of rock in the middle of nowhere was to, i'm sorry, kill them all. and does that sound familiar to what we might be going through today? so is there anything new under the sun? >> bill: it's hard for me to believe that mr. hanks thinks racism played a part in the japanese situation or the current war on terror. we have invited mr. hanks on the factor. he has declined. joining us now from mountain view california a teacher who teaches university of virginia. you had to kill them all in the japanese theater because they wouldn't surrender. the code was you don't surrender. you fight to the end. so you had to kill them all or you would be killed. surely a guy like tom hanks knows that so i don't know what he is getting at. i don't know what the point is. do you, professor? >> well, i think what mr. hanks might be doing is something we historians called presentism. that is looking at the past through the present
coming out from hong kong, cathay pacific. we had good economic data coming out from china where you are. where does all this leave equity markets? is it a gift for more equity markets to move higher from here? >> well, i don't think the impetus for markets to move higher is going to come from this data itself. just to put the data into perspective, chinese exports, which a lot of people have been talking about in the last few hours came out very strongly, had% to 6% year on year. when you look at the absolute number, that was about $95 billion exported in the month of february whereas the peak for chinese exports in 2008 was something like $136 billion in a month. so we still haven't really turned to growth. there's still a long way to go. and i think equity markets are priced in, a fair mark of good news. now they are concerned about how these slowing measures in china, these head winds of policy to try and curtail future inflation are going to impact domestic spending. there are labor shortageses emerging in some of the export regions in southern china. all these are, i think, providi
with the president after he delayed a trip to the pacific rim so he could twist arms in the hours leading up to a vote. lester, one other development today. this went on education. mr. obama announced a major overhaul of the bush administration, no child left behind. mr. obama wants to shift the emphasis away from punishing schools that don't meet certain standardized benchmarks and instead rewarding those that made progress on preparing students for in college or a career after school. lester? >> thank you. for insight into all this we turn to john har for cnbc. john, the president delayed his trip to see this health care bill through. you think he would have stayed if he thought he could fail? >> lester, i don't think he would have gone on this trip or would have stayed if he was certain he was going to fail. he might not have stayed if he was certain he would succeed. he is in the gray area and know the votes appear to be falling into place, but no one will be certain until they call the vote. this is a top priority for the presidency. he has no choice but to try to make it happen. >> thi
with a 13-point lead. in the pacific life pac-10 tournament. >> don: we're looking at specific offense and good play design here by mike montgomery. led your pac-10 player of the randle. then watch this. steps in. intercepts thepassssss an with the behind the back. nice play by randle. really got california off to a good start here this afternoon. >> steve: made 8 of 8 shots in that first half. missed his two shots in the second half. let's go the rebecca. >> over the shoulder and over to the bench. he was checking in with the trainers in that last time-out. i went over to make sure he's healthy and he's doing okay. they're telling me he's fine. yes, he's sore. it's because he's playing a lot of basketball. there's no injury. they're not concerned about that. they just want to make sure he's doing ago. >> steve: steve lavin used to say, he's 21 years old, give him another peanut butter and jelly sandwich and let him play some more. >> don: if you can get some guys some rest, that's important. you got to win three or sometimes four games to win the conference championship. if you can sp
about the pacific northwest fan base they will have a quieter environment may not be a bad thing. >> not going to be that many fans out there. not going to be a loud environment or anything like that. we will have to bring our own energy and get each other going before the game. >> it is cool to be part of it my first year here. they take it for granted and it is a big opportunity for us and we have to take advantage of it. >> this is what we have been waiting for the whole year. it's exciting in that way. right now it is trying to focus on houston and do whatever we can to win that game. >> reporter: that houston team came out of nowhere to win the conference usa title. the cougars haven't been to the big dance since ' 92. they boast the leading scorer in coleman who averages 25.6 points per game. here's a look at the terps bracket. this is their 24th ncaa break. when we come back, we will look at the stories we are working on tonight at 5:00 including the controversy surrounding the graduation rates of the maryland basketball team. >>> plus, devon lucie will be here with a loo
hanks and steven spielberg to mark the premier of the network's new series called "the pacific." aaron gilchrist was there. >> reporter: theirs are the battle-proven and time-worn faces of the greatest generation in wheelchairs and on steadied feet, the man who fought for freedom during world war ii in the pacific held their heads high and their salutes firm as they experienced the monument built in their honor. warren jenkins served in the navy. like all 250 service members here today, this is his first time seeing his tribute. >> makes me feel very appreciative and very proud that someone recognized all my buddies and us. >> reporter: the vets were brought to d.c. by the honor flight network formed to ensure these warriors could see this memorial despite financial or physical barriers. >> those of you here today who served your nation ought hope to the world with these four words. the americans are coming. >> reporter: the filmmakers teamed up with hbo for a ten-part series premiering this weekend called "the pacific." the series follows three american marines from their first battle
and there was a jump, a major jump in the booming asia-pacific region. >> in a arc 104 people come on the list this year and mixed with returnees and new people. >> reporter: the forbes rankings are based on stakes in privately and publicly-held companies and real estate holdings. other considerations are investments and items like art, gems and yachts. lauren green, fox news. >> by the way, in case you're wondering, we check to find out if there were billionaires in our area. 49 washington area billionaires year that list. -- 14 washington billion areasar on the list. >>> "american idol" wannabes are duking it out for your vote. who is staying and who is going home. >>> and look at this? this art display has people doing double takes. sculptures of naked men in one of the busiest cities in the world. we have the scoop behind the eye-opening exhibit up next. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company started out in a small lab, with not much
terrified by 50-foot waves that battered thr ship in the pacific. this morning, a spokesman for the owners of "the louis majesty," told abc news, these fatal waves were unforeseen and totally unpredictable. this morning, juju, all 1,300 passengers were flown home from barcelona, traumatized. >> thanks, nick watt reporting from london on the deadly waves. thanks, nick. >>> the pilot of a boeing 737, flying 100 passengers from amsterdam to turkey was arrested in the cockpit. turns out he wasn't really a pilot. authorities say the swedish man had been using a fake commercial pilots license to fly for european airlines and got away with it for the last 13 years. >>> and on the opposite end of the spectrum, there's captain sully. chesley sullenberger, the pilot of last year's miracle on the hudson, is giving up his wings after 30 years in the air. he was greeted by a water conan salute while coming in for his final picture-perfect landing in north carolina. sully is going to spend more time with his family. but he'll still be working to promote flight safety. lovely. what's appropriate is the f
. you may see an inch of slush. and by thursday. a slight warm up. clouds left over. and pacific air moves in. we may be in the 50s by saturday and sunday. this is off the georgia coast and moves off, spreads the precipitation. we'll see rain by thursday, friday, high pressure moves in with milder temperatures and sunshine. and clouds and 29 tomorrow. increasing clouds. 44 by the afternoon. by 6:00 or 7, you may see showers. we'll have clouds. and precipitation very light. 42 and 43. sunshine at pacific air mass not arctic. 50 monday, saturday and sunday and monday. some warmer -- warmer spring- type temperatures. >> yes! >>> the terps receive national recognition. >> and a major battle at home. we have highlights in sports. i've had asthma for 12 years. 6 years. i've had asthma forever. i never knew why my asthma symptoms kept coming back... ...kept coming back... ...or that i could help prevent them in the first place. the problem was that my controller medicine... ...was treating only 1 main cause of asthma symptoms. but there are 2. airway constriction. and inflammation. unlike m
of the pacific. >> the conditions give you a certain power and a certain strength that you would. have if they weren't there, so, look at this one, oh, yeah. >> reporter: but big wave searcher laird hamilton, along with searching partner dave, have dedicated their lives to riding these waves. >> it's sort of like climbing a mountain. you can go a little higher and a little bigger. >> reporter: this, believe it or not, is their winter wonderland, mountains of water formed this time of year when storms from the pacific slam into hawaii. but not all winters are created equal. >> i've been waiting a few decades to have a winter like this. >> reporter: these are some of the biggest swems on record. epic waves, one after another, and this year, it happens like this every few weeks. >> last night, i was up at 1:00, at 4:00, and that's usually when the surf's big. i somehow feel it. >> reporter: when the waves are this menacing -- >> look at that set. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: surfing becomes a ritual. fun and fear. >> you play a little bit of russian roulette. you roll the dice every time
. also worth watching tomorrow may be pacific sunwear and zumiez. those retailers had fractional gains during the session, but saw significant drops after the close. pacific sunwear dropped as much as 14%. zumiez slid as much as 8%. each had a disappointing outlook. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> tom: part of the effort to write new financial rules focuses on products with an alphabet soup of names such as m.b.s. and c.d.s. those are mortgage backed securities and credit default swaps. they've been blamed for the 2008 financial crisis and are often called too risky. now, the question is, are they too complex to be effectively regulated? that's where i began when i spoke with gary gensler, chairman of the commodity futures trading commission. >> well, we do need to bring strong regulation to these markets. the financial system failed the person public. and the regulatory system failed. and these derivative contracts are meant to lower risk and instead, of course, they heighten risk to the taxpayer. so we must get regulation in place on these markets. >> but is there becoming mo
prize. >>> world war ii veterans who fought in the pacific gathered today at world war ii memorial in washington for a special message from steven spielburg and tom hanks. they are the executive producer of the new miniseries, the pacific. a special screening was held at the white house tonight. >>> what turned out to a million dollar traffic stop in oklahoma. it happened back in 2006. officers found $918,000 in suspected drug money inside a jeep. and now that the court process is finally over, police, the sheriff's department, and the da's office each get a share of the winfall to spend on new crime fighting equipment. >>> and the cleanup is underway following deadly weather in arkansas. one person is confirmed dead, four injured after three tornados touched down last night. . >>> so the rain going to keep me up tonight or ruin my morning commute? >> well, i don't know if it will ruin that morning commute, kelly. you work in the afternoon, it's easier. but the slick roads in the morning, showers tomorrow, the heavy rain coming into tomorrow night lasting into the day saturday. so
their compelling new drama, "the pacific." you know, when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at >>> let's goat jack for the "cafferty file." >> a quote here. the time for talk is over. it is time to vote. those are the words president barack obama about health care reform. this consumed almost the entire first year of his presidency. it may not be time on vote yet at all. has this thing moves towards some sort of resolution one way or another, it seems that it is destined to leave an indelible mark on mr. obama's legacy. after nearly a year of debates and town hall meetings and angry tea partiers, closed door meetings in washington, thousands and thousands of pages of proposed legislation and televised daylo
of our occasional series of reports on our planet, the polite of the pacific salmon, which is raising new and urgent concerns along the west coast right now. a strong salmon run is not only key for communities in the northwest and canada along the coast, but it's also a major source of food for more than 100 different species. tom brokaw tonight takes a look at this vital part of our planet. >> reporter: the olympics have ended, but in british columbia, the salmon have been forever. a sleek marvel of nature, a critical link in the food chain, and in the economy. >> as go the salmon, so goes the environment. >> reporter: bob hooten remembers every salmon he ever caught and he has the photos to prove it. today the former canadian wild life official says the salmon are in crisis. >> we went at it too hard, too fast, too long, and we are trying to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: this is the frazier river which runs along the edge of vancouver. at one time it was home to the greatest salmon runs in the world. last year here they expected 10 million sockeye salmon, but only about a million sho
streets. the effects of the quake felt across the pacific region. tsunami waves reached as far as japan, though they did less damage than expected, less damage than what chile must deal with in the months to come. >>> scientists, meanwhile, are defending their decision to issue widespread tsunami warnings in the wake of that earthquake in chile. the alerts went out to hundreds of thousands of people along the coastlines of dozens of countries. warnings stretched from south america to oregon and all the way across the pacific. although a deadly tidal surge did not materialize overseas, officials dended their action saying they took the proper steps learned after the 2004 indonesian tsunami that killed thousands of people who didn't receive enou of a warning. >>> thousands of transportation workers will not be on the job this morning as key legislation to fund highway projects is being held up by a single u.s. senator. kentucky republican is blocking legislation that pays for road repairs. bunning says the $10 billion measure only adds to the nation's budget deficit. the legislation also
. >> abernethy: polls indicate that is on of the least religious regions of the country is the pacific northwest. but there are a lot of people there who say they are spiritual, and who are seeking out the insights of spiritual directors. they draw on the meditation traditions of many faiths to help searchers identify the signs of the holy in their lives. we have a lucky severson story today we call "spiritual in seattle". >> reporter: sunday mass at st. james cathedral in seattle where attendance has actually been growing, defying a national trend of fewer people attending church. sister joyce cox, a catholic scholar and spiritual director for the seattle archdiocese says a survey in a book called "the none zone" found that people in the pacific northwest are less religious than the national average. >> the first question was: do you have any faith or church that you follow or you participate in? and the answer was none. so, 67% of those who answered, answered none, but they still claimed in other questions that they believed in god and that they were spiritual. >> rerter: that's the good news,
drowned some leaving many people homeless. the state of hawaii the pacific islands dodged what was expected to a monster tsunami as a result of the earthquake in chile. residents in tourists breathing a big sigh of relief. >> reporter: with the warnings of threats of high waves now gone tourists like colleen cashman are braving if waves. >> i think it was a true experience. >> reporter: in hawaii closed beaches kept thousands of surf boards out of the water saturday. this surf shop lost hundreds of dollars but wasn't bothered by the tsunami warning. even after no tsunami materialized. >> you got to go with life right. you can always make money tomorrow. >> reporter: officials with the pacific tsunami warning center had predicted waves as high as 10 feet. the warning set off to gas stations and grocery stores. one of the problems was evacuated thousands of tourists from waikiki hotels. in the end most people say the evacuations went very smoothly. >> the hotel let us know right away they handled it really well. i thought hawaii did a fabulous job. >> reporter: now sunday
a huge lawsuit. >>> all right, listen. i know it's impossible to put the pacific on the east coast but they tried to do it yesterday in washington. >>> first, our rain with justin berk. >> oh, yeah it's out there and it's coming down. how about the spray from the cars in front of you? yeah, it's going to slow you down in your commute. no doubt it will be a slow friday. we've got more heavy rain. a second batch to come in overnight and saturday. more on that flooding coming up with 50 degrees this morning with an east wind at 14. let's see what's happening while you are waiting for the bus at the mta. >> reporter: good morning. slowing up the buses so do allow extra time as you travel by bus. we have a delay on the number 12 bus running 25 minutes late. your light rail and metro subway are on time and out there on the m.a.r.c. train system, brunswick train 870 running ten minutes late. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. hey thunder, lightning...what's the problem? oh, just watch. did you have a good breakfast? no. well here, try this... ...jimmy dean breakfast bowl. mmmmmmm.
and hawaii and other islands in the pacific and pacific rim. it turned out to be a dud, was the tsunami a real factor in the dramatic escalation of the death count of chile itself, matt? >> chilean authorities made a questionable move early on during the hours immediately following the earthquake by announcing that the tsunami was not going to be an issue. as things turned out several waves hit coastal areas of region 7 and region 8 talking 150,000 miles or so south of the capital of santiago washing away many towns>> so we had a major fax tore in causing death and destruction the tsunami wasn't a dud, even as you drop the pedal in the water the ripples go out they are stronger at the point of impact that's what happened here, and clearly it was a factor, matt? >> certainly. the towns a lot of the small towns in the regions outside of santiago are pretty humble, have a lot of instructions which are perhaps older or smaller, not as stirr sturdy as some of the newer buildings in downtown santiago. a lot of these buildings were ones that were hit and washed away. >> how is the mood? how is
today to pay tribute to these veterans and launch their new hbo mini series the pacific. the two have teamed up before in saving private ryan, the hbo mini series band of brothers and now another theater of world war ii the pacific. >> we felt it was time to put the other half of world war ii of all the fighting men in the pacific. we're hoping that will spike the interest and we're mostly interested in reaching young people. >> reporter: hanks and spielberg produced the series that tells the life of ten u.s. marine, the stories these men have lived and feel proud to be honored not only in film but to be a part of this historic day. >> today i'm feeling much more -- a much more deeper feeling. >> reporter: all these veterans and their guardians were brought in by a group called flight network which flew them in to enjoy all the memorials that honor their service. on the national mall, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> the pacific premiers on hbo this sunday. >>> allegations of lies and scandals swirling on the hill. in fact the laest move to expose what really happened inside, representa
, temperatures in the low 50s. by 3:00, that's when the stars start to take in the carpet, pacific time, 65 degrees. by 7:00, once the show is under way, it dries out. it's 64 degrees. elsewhere in the nation, the east coast starts to dry out, finally. it's very warm. 50 in new york city. florida still continues to be cool this morning. warms up by the afternoon. dallas, you'll see thunderstorms throughout the day. and chicago and indianapolis, you'll see showers as well. the pacific northwest gets cool by this evening. >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by vaseline sheer infusion. back to new york. and checking in with ron. >>> well, the case of missing san diego teenager chelsea king has raised the question of which of the many thousands of children missing every year that the media focus on? and who police devote resources to searching for. for some it raises disturbing questions. does race and background determine how much attention a case gets? chelsea king was the focus of intense media attention and police effort. about a year earlier, 14-year-old amber du
the megaquake that hit chile could be in the cards for the pacific northwest. >> jetblue 171 clear for takeoff. >> clear for takeoff. >> here is what you get guys when the kids are out of school. >> wish i could bring my kid to work. >> yes, that is young child playing air traffic controller at one of the world east busiest airports. it's today's "busted." i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking about my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you hav
to a military family who already had food. saturday's quake damaged a 434- mile stretch of chile's pacific coast. the official death toll, though, has reached 802. >>> tiger woods barely breaks par. 54% of the respondents say woods was sincere when he publicly apologized for his extra extramarital affairs. the same number said that they are ready to forgive tiger. but 24% said only his wife should. >>> chesley sully sullenberger made his final flight as a pilot today. the 59-year-old is retiring after 30 years with the airline. with a little over a year ago, sullenberger became america's hero after savely landing a plane on the hudson river. a priority ceremony was held. >> maybe he also got a gold watch. >> i hope so. >>> katie couric has more on what's coming up tonight. >> an air traffic controller brings his son to work. and the little boy doesn't just watch. he gives directions to pilots getting ready for takeoff. how did it happen? we'll investigate tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, car own
premiers this weekend. it is called the pacific. as a lead up to that debut hundreds of world war ii veterans visited their memorial on thursday. peggy fox was there alongside tom hanks and steven spielberg. >> i saw some of them with red eye wet eyes and made my eyes wet. what else can i tell you, that's how it felt. >> he got emotional as he stood in front of veterans at the world war i-i memorial today. he and tom hanks who produced the band of brothers, a show about a company of fighting in the european theater have come out with a series about the war in the pacific. steelberg's father and uncle both fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> the war ended in europe. it did not end in japan. we were losing tens of thousands of boys every couple of months and it was a war that was accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as of july of 1945, nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer this horrible death was going to go on. it was a huge big question mark. >> the memorial was dedicated in 2004. they have been bringing veterans here to see their memorial. today'
theater came out with a mini series about the war in the pacific. spielberg's father and uncle fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> it did not end with japan and we were losing tefrn r. tens of thousands of boys. it was a war accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as july of 1945 nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer that this horrible death conflagration was going to go on. it was a huge big question. >> the memorial is dedicated in 2004. the honor flight network has been bringing veterans here to see their memorials. today's 250 vets all fought in the conflict. this man fought in pearl harbor. >> planes attacking, break out service and ammunition, this is no drill. >> reporter: for many veterans this is the first time they've seen this memorial. they hope it serves as a reminder to all. >> 50 million people that died was ridiculous. people are supposed to be human, not animals. >> the pacific mini series tells the story of two marines, a small story spielberg says but representative of the 15 million others who served. peggy fox, 9 news now. >>> and
the potential is there for an earthquake to hit america's pacific northwest similar to the one that brought chile. we're going to talk with a nasa scientist about the possibility here. and more than 50 new leads in the case of a missing british girl, madeleine mccann. we'll hear the latest developments coming out in this story. and former illinois governor rod blagojevich gets grilled at his former alma mater and he also got laughed at last night. >> i am innocent of all charges. the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. band now we're insuring overts do18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: g
this right here. here is an area that is now off-limits, the white spots. all along the pacific coast out here and some spots up here in the northeast, and some areas down here around florida and near the gulf coast. the administration says the resource potential here is so low they will not allow drilling there right now. and here's one other thing we want to show you, newly protected areas. to do that, we'll swing you up here to alaska. and you see the pink here? that is bristol bay. the administration says, no, to drilling in here, and many up in alaska and else where don't like that. you see the green area, that's where there's currently allowed drilling up in alaska, and up here is proposed for new drilling for the administration plan today. the yellow area a proposal to allow new drilling, the red area, the administration says no, and the white area, again, a low-resource area, the administration says at least for now, no drilling. this announcement today represents an evolution of sorts in the president's thinking on this controversial issue. at one point, in the 2008 presidential
in the mississippi valley. there is also a storm coming off the pacific ocean. the mississippi valley disturbance will dissipate. the one in the southwestern u.s., and really some of the rain is pushing into texas already. that system will get in here by the middle and end of the week and change our weather again. until we get there, we are in great shape. look at what's going on outside here. clear skies. laugh moon out there. 33 at the airport. 39 at the inner harbor. temperatures a little warmer this morning than they were yesterday morning at this same time. although there are some 20's out there was al. -- out there. we'll take see if we can take some of these temperatures down below the freezing. yesterday's highs just into the 50's. 52 at the airport and downtown 51. typically this time of year 50 is the high and 30 is the typical low. some of the readings around the area, 37. annapolis 478. chestertown 34. park tn is down to 30. it is possible they will get colder than that yet. sturetstown 30. 18 in mchen tri. here we have the clear skies earlier this morning. just a few clouds in upstat
to dry out in florida. pacific northwest, 49 in seattle with a few shower, central rockies in the higher elevations, expected to see snow. tonight, less sleep. set your clock forward one hour. >> scattered off and on showers throughout the day today. dusty mostly in the morning until about lunch time. watch >>> thanks so >>> thanks so have. this weather report has been brought to you by kellogg's raisin bran. juju. >> parents, listen up. it's a very important warning for those of us who have those infants and wear them in the sling, the consumer product safety commission said the popular over-the-shoulder baby slings can be deadly. lisa stark is in washington with tails. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. the warning from the government says to parents do not use these popular slings if your infant is under four months of age and this comes after 14 deaths in the last two decades. three of those in the last year alone. many moms swear by them. advertising for baby slings is alluring, nothing better for mom or baby than keeping your little one close. makes baby feel safe and secure. the
pacific" which follows the stories of three real-life marines fighting the pacific war before world war ii. "the pacific" starts this sunday on hbo. "hardball" returns right after this. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ i've never had an accident. is there anything you can do for me ? yeah, i'm here with liz. i need a brilliant idea right now. guys ! i just gagged. here it is. deductible. take $50 off. wait. take $100 off for every year she doesn't have an accident... ... and call it vanishing deductible. hook, line, sinker. done. >>> last year i had an affair. i violated the bowels of my marriage. it's absolutely the worst thing that i've ever done in my life. >> that may be the worst thing he's done in his life as far as personal, but he's now got so
savings? pacific life knows that tomorrow's questions require planning today. pacific life has the financial solutions and strength to help you and your financial professional develop a plan. pacific life...the power to help you succeed. >> >>> coming up next, the "roundtable." and "the sunday funnies." >>> no >>> now they're saying i groped a male staffer. yeah, i did. not only did i grope him, i tickled him until he couldn't breathe. all the bachelors and me. that's a crossing the line ceremony. can you imagine transporting back to this today. it looks like an orgy in caligula. i'm telling you, i was wrong. i was wrong. >> i think this is the first time i have wasted an hour of your time. and i apologize for that. >> welcome back to "this week." i can't promise any tickle fights. we're joined by, as always, george will, anita dunn, about to take a contract with the democratic national committee. ed gillespie, formerly of the bush white house. and cokie roberts. george, at the white house, i have reported three or four times that the white house says they're about to pivot fro
calls it half a drill because so much was left off the table in florida the pacific coast and alaska. plus, richard burr if president obama is out boxing republicans in order to generate support for a tripartisan cap and trade bill that could spell economic disaster. >> and finally, are we going to gain or lose jobs in friday's report for march. the debate over the economy continues. fasten your seat belts, the "kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the "kudlow report" where we believe free market capitalist is the best way to energy. drill, drill, drill. for free market regulation to produce more oil and gas to fuel the economy, create jobs and stabilize prices. today, president obama announced his new plan for more off shore drilling and our chief correspondent is going to give us the full report, a very interesting turn of events, john. >> it was very interesting, larry. he's moving in your direction. not all the way there, but part of the way there. and there's a good reason for that. he knows to achieve his goal of a compr
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